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Wind Chimes and Ceramics

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    January 27, 2017 5:19 PM GMT

    Good afternoon,

    Following a sucessful 'free' session organised by a new group in our village Mytholmroyd Arts Festival' it arranged sessions for the'Over 60's'and some schools. and the community to experience the art of ceramics! The theme was to be 'things you find in a house'. Our 'Over 60's' topic was flowers, bowls, cups and spoons.

    In charge of us was a talented and professional ceramacist Sarah McDade; it was fun and productive. The clay items were fired and displayed in the village in the autumn; once the event was over I found myself in charge of all these lovely spoons and flowers.

    The idea to display them for all to see on the station was born.

    I have been donated an old bicycle wheel; I've approached the BTP for more of their bells and 61016 cards to eke out the display and provide some sound as well. I'm just waiting now for my friend George (our Deputy Chair and all-round good egg) to help put it all together.

    So - its not 'Guns 'n' Roses' but 'Spoons 'n' flowers with bells on..'

    Fun time!