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CRP Offices in Railway Stations

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    August 9, 2016 11:33 AM BST

    I'm setting up a new base for the Abbey Line CRP Officer at Watford Junction Station. This will be in a shared office with the Duty Manager. This is a new way of working for the Abbey Line (the officer has previously worked from home) so I would welcome advice from CRPs that have office accommodation at rail stations. Thanks!    

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    August 14, 2017 9:35 AM BST

    We have an office on Lowestoft station which I use to work out of my Council Office. It is managed by the East Suffolk Lines CRP on an "understanding" arrangement from Greater Anglia - it is all very informal and we have been advised that when the East Suffolk & Wherry Lines take over tjhe old Parcels Office officially with a lease agreement from the TOC, (after it has been refurbished at cost to the CRP's) the TOC want to re-let the current office on commercial terms.

    As for working, we pay for electricity through a meter but water is free. The office also serves at a Visitor Information Point since Waveney District Council closed all their TIC's due to finance cuts. We have inherited all the furniture and equipment from the old TIC and now help visitors arriving at the station.

    What I find essential is access to my laptop FREE highspeed WiFi (courtesy of Greater Anglia free station wi fi) a good mobile phone signal and somewhere to make the essential tea/coffee.

    Regarding working arrangements for CRP officers I cannot say as I no longer manage the CRP officer, but it was decided by Community Rail Norfolk to have their paid office working from an office rather than from home - this appears not to be happen even throiugh I made some conplex agreements for the post to be based at County Hall!  

    If working with TOC staff, there must be some sort of agreement in place as to code of behavior and H&S arrangements - the CRP officer must understand what the TOC arrangements for this are?


    Ian Dinmore

    Vice chair Wherry Lines CRP