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Rail User Express seeks new editor

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    November 11, 2015 11:17 AM GMT

    Posting here because this board looked lonely ... and I wonder about a link / whether this is someting Mike and his team might lke to get involved with as a parallel scheme ...

    RailFuture's Rail User Express online magazine (emailed monthly) has been grown by Tony Smale from its start in 2002 to a very useful piece therse days, but Tony is looking to retire at the end of the year.

    Not necessariy JUST the community Rail Cafe, but is there space for major groupings / communities - this one, the Coffee Shop I'm involve with, and perhaps others that already carry some of the information to come together with such a passenger / user / community based forward looking rail newsletter?

    Mike - NOT really a suggestion to "improve this website" which is seeding well, but a look to growing it, ours, others with the spirit of rail user co-operation into the future.

    I'm in Swavesey (guided bus land!) on customer WiFi today ... can't post samples and link easily today but thought I would float the idea.

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    November 11, 2015 1:43 PM GMT

    Hi Graham, thanks for this. It’s more one for ACoRP than me (I’ll be working primarily on local Devon & Cornwall projects following the end of the Citizens’ Rail funding, but still helping ACoRP with the Café too, supporting on techie matters).

    The Café has definitely benefitted from being featured in Train on Line (witness the flurry of new members this week), but condensing people’s discussions into bite-size newsletter items does take time – so this feels like a question of staff resource and priorities.

    The other issue is the type of content – so far the Café has been mainly featured questions, discussions and interesting tangents, rather than being a place where people paste press releases about what their group has been doing (which might be the norm in a newsletter). So the emphasis is slightly different.

    So perhaps what you’re suggesting would be a turbo-charged version of Train on Line which pulled in Rail User Express content and Café / Coffee Shop content too? But is that a direction people want to go in? I know that Train on Line is soon to take on another form as part of the revamp of the ACoRP website. (Any sneak previews or further details, Brian?)

    What do others think?