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Creeping Ivy

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    October 15, 2015 12:44 PM BST

    Anything growing over, around or into an old building is bad news.

    Ivy, Virginia Creeper and Wisteria are fine on a free standing well supported trellis but on a building the following problems are caused:

    1. Any growth will shade the wall it is against and prevent moisture evaporation, the building should be kept dry.
    2. Aerial roots will eat into Victorian lime mortar in the walls and will compromise the bond of the brick or stonework.
    3. Chemical reaction can occur if the plant excretes acidic sap and at the very least discolours a wall but can damage it.
    4. Mechanical damage can be caused by the shear weight of the plant pulling down corbels, metal brackets etcs in the wall.

    Trees should always be kept well away from a building, their roots often damaging primitive Victorian foundations.

    If your station is in a Conservation Area you will need permission to remove a tree if the girth is greater than 150mm.

    If the building is listed only a rare species of tree or shrub is likely to be in the listing.

    Your friendly local Conservation / Historic Building Officer will be happy to advise, they are usually found in a District Council or Unitary Authority.

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