Workers Education Association

  • I have just been touch with the WEA who have responded positively to our Community Stations Initiative. They provide a range of educational opportunities for those who may have missed out earlier in life and they are often looking for venues or premises to hold classes. They are low impact users of premises and I am sure would appreciate the historic ambience of a railway building for their classes.

    There is a list of area offices at the link below if your group would like to make contact with them. I have also had a similar positive response from University of the 3rd Age who provide broadly similar educational services.



  • sue mitchell
    sue mitchell Hi Martin, WEA is a great institution, I've been to many of their courses over the years. If, and when we get our railway building up and running it would be good to include WEA and U3A on our list of uses for this fine Grade 11 Listed Building. Our...  more
    October 15, 2015
  • sally buttifant
    sally buttifant Met with WEA at our recent Christmas Community Rail market - they run artwork courses and would be interested in working with us to produce artwork for stations!
    November 26, 2015