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  • Cubs on the loose

      As June fast approaches I'm filled with amazement that half a year has gone! But here in Mytholmroyd we have a lot to show for those months. The latest ventures have involved our sturdy young group from the Mytholmroyd Cub Group; twenty four seven to eleven year olds who have ...
  • Twinning Event

    A goodly time had by all!  A week ago here in Mytholmroyd the first of two events took place - a twinning ceremony between Bentham and Mytholmroyd! It was an event full of good humour and wit, hardly surprising because it was Geoff Mitchell, Chair of MSP and Gerald Townson, Cha...
  • sue mitchell

    I am really looking forward to Torquay; only trouble is sorting out a tie for Geoff! He's long out of the habit of tie-wearing.