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Ever had one of those weeks? - meetings, meetings and more meetings! While it's nice to get out the office attending meetings doesn't get the work done and generally generates more work which you can't do as you're attending meetings! Last week, franchise bidders again - met them about 4 times each now! Broads Authority- sustainable access to the Broads funding grant of £1.3M; I'm happy to help them spend that :), Parish Council, District Council, station adopters, County Councillors, local businesses - sometimes I think I'm the CRP officer not a volunteer. Then if that lot is not enough at work ( I do work sometimes) more meetings on station travel plans, and Business travel plans. Still we did have a nice snowy weekend and no trains due to a flat tired fleet, but trains were running on the North Norfolk Railway's night time gala :) - Now off for a late lunch...is that the phone I hear ringing....