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  • Andy Buckley
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  • Ian Dinmore
    Ian Dinmore I learnt something today... The Platypus is only one of a few creatures that lays eggs and produces milk for their young - that means it can make it's own custard
    • Dec 2
  • Tony Smale
    Tony Smale It's a pity the CR Cafe seems to have fallen into disuse. Have we all had a chance to read the DfT's new Community Rail Development Strategy (see Will anyone be trying out...  more
    • Nov 18
    • Tony Smale
      Graham Ellis Yes, and yes ... this has been a hectic autumn as I pass over my CRO role at TransWilts and I'm looking forward to an exciting 2019 ... something new.
      • Nov 25
  • Gary Smerdon-White
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  • Maddy Mills
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  • Mike Parker-Bray
    Mike Parker-Bray Great to have Alex and Naomi from the ACoRP team visiting us today. Will be taking them out on the Tamar Valley Line this afternoon.
    • Aug 7
  • Janice Connelly
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  • James Wilkin
    James Wilkin has added a new profile photo.
    • Jul 20
  • James Wilkin
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    • Jul 20
  • Ian Dinmore
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  • Alex Peel
    Alex Peel As part of their Inclusive Spaces campaign Groundwork are running workshops in Birmingham Sheffield and Newcastle on engaging young people in green space projects. Community rail staff and volunteers are welcome to book on these free sessions.
    Groundwork launches Inclusive Spaces campaign - ACoRP
    • Jun 20
  • Richard Lysons
    Richard Lysons Great 5 page article on community rail in RAIL magazine this week; Steve Broadbent interviews Jools Townsend, Chief Executive of ACoRP.
    We must all ensure that our own MP's see this article.
    • Jun 19
  • Mike Parker-Bray
    Mike Parker-Bray For those CRPs with their GDPR hat on, now's a great time to revise your website's privacy policy. We're now using a clever system called Iubenda for this. You tell it which third-party features your website uses (like Google Analytics or embedded...  more
    • May 24
  • Brian Barnsley
    Brian Barnsley Going great at Birmingham New Street with CRiC.
    Great work from Welsh Crps on the beach and Poacher Line in the skys.
    • May 16
  • Richard Lysons
    Richard Lysons Great day at Stockport on Saturday working with Mid Cheshire Rail Users Association and ACoRP. Great response to Discover Amazing Women by Rail. A lovely day in all respects; good to see friends old and new. Even better was the very wide demographic of...  more
    • May 6